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Alteryx sales team upskills with ProEdge for new market plays

By the ProEdge team | Published: December 16, 2021 | Read time: 4 minutes

Jordan Barker

"Adults don't always learn just by listening to somebody for an hour. With ProEdge, people can customize their learning however it suits them. The solution has been very effective in enabling us to deliver targeted learning to our team."
— Jordan Barker, Global Director of Customer Success Management, Alteryx

Alteryx is a data analytics platform whose easy-to-use no-code and low-code analytic building blocks help customers increase their speed to insights, inform decisions and drive better business outcomes.

While Alteryx's sales engineering team was highly skilled in the company's software—and had a deep understanding of its technology and how it could be used to benefit customers—their leadership team was ready for more. To support the company's growth, Alteryx's leadership knew the team needed to shift to an enterprise selling motion. This would require moving from product- and feature-based selling to a more consultative selling approach.

Leveling-up on business and soft skills

"Our pivot toward an enterprise selling motion required a different type of skill set, particularly for our technical audience," said Jordan Barker, Global Director of Customer Success Management at Alteryx. "We could no longer just be really good at our product and know it well; we also needed to understand the analytic landscape and other domains, such as cloud technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence," he continued. "On the business side, we also needed to deepen our knowledge of how to build out a business case and influence senior stakeholders."

Their team needed to level-up on specific digital and soft skills. Alteryx had an existing Learning Management System (LMS), but the content and the user interface were outdated, and it lacked the specialized training required by the team.

The ProEdge solution

Alteryx implemented ProEdge, PwC’s upskilling platform, to boost learning engagement. The company rolled out the solution initially to its sales engineers in the Asia Pacific region and EMEA and then brought North America online a few months later.

Supporting business goals through upskilling

ProEdge enabled the Alteryx team to upskill in ways that aligned individual learning with overall business goals. “Our team was able to participate in learning experiences that met them where they were according to their current skill levels,” said Barker.

“They could access content to go deeper on specific technologies. But they could also brush up on other skills in management or design thinking that would help shore them up for the kinds of conversations they’ll need to have with tech-savvy enterprise buyers.” 

Customized learning pathways drive business outcomes 

Beyond using the platform’s content, Alteryx valued the opportunity to collaborate with the ProEdge team and articulate their learning gaps and challenges. This enabled the ProEdge team to develop a new learning curriculum tailored to their unique needs.

"It was great to be able to bounce ideas off of the ProEdge team. Workshopping ideas with them gave us the chance to give our input and then let experienced ProEdge learning architects work their magic and deliver their recommendations on what would work best for our team’s needs."

Jordan Barker, Global Director of Customer Success Management, Alteryx

The ProEdge team customized a learning pathway to help close the sales engineers’ knowledge gaps. Over the course of a six-week period employees gained a thorough understanding of cloud technologies. 

"Without ProEdge, I would have needed to line up an employee with in-depth cloud knowledge to teach our team," said Barker. "It would probably have been a one-hour talk, without much detail. Adults don't always learn by just listening to somebody for an hour. With ProEdge, people can customize their learning however it suits them. The solution has been very effective in enabling us to deliver targeted learning to our team."

Learner-centricity drives engagement

In addition to unique and engaging content, Barker and his team also enjoyed the delivery and experience of using the platform. According to Barker, "ProEdge's user interface was easy to navigate, which lowered the barrier to entry and encouraged our employees to use it."

Additionally, people could easily incorporate learning in the flow of work. They could choose when they would complete learning modules and see the kind of content their leaders were recommending to bring them up to speed on cloud as a team.

"Breakthrough Fridays" give protected time for learning

Alteryx highly values learning and has created protected time for all employees to sharpen their existing skills and learn new ones. 

"We have one Friday off every month called 'Breakthrough Friday' which is purely dedicated to professional development," noted Barker. "In that meeting invite, I link to ProEdge. We've created individual development plans for each employee and can highlight modules within ProEdge that they could use to dive deeper into the subject, be it data science, machine learning or even management skills. They can go through the courses, choose something that's appropriate for them, and complete it on that day."

Future plans

Barker and his colleagues recognize that to stay competitive, employees need to keep learning, so continued upskilling will be an ongoing priority for the company and his team.

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