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Digital transformation starts here

Discover how PwC’s own upskilling journey helped fuel a first-of-its-kind solution for your business.

The ProEdge journey

The time for change is now

The need for upskilling, reskilling and future-proofing your workforce has never been greater. As business moves even further into the digital age, roles will continue to evolve. The skills needed to meet these new demands will change. And the way people learn these skills should evolve, too.

79% of CEOs are concerned about the availability of key digital skills. But only 18% are making progress with their upskilling programs.

Source PwC’s 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey

We want to jump-start an upskilling revolution for your business. To inspire people to reimagine their careers and get them excited about the endless possibilities that come with newfound knowledge. It’s this kind of vision and commitment that can help close the skill gaps, ultimately uplifting your entire business. And we've experienced this transformation—firsthand.

Disrupting our business protected our future

With a digital divide threatening our core businesses, we knew something significant had to be done in order to protect PwC’s future. So we took the leap into upskilling our entire workforce. And by combining our learnings along the way with our years of experience, we ultimately found success. But there had to be a better way—a way we could help streamline this process for others with a single platform that provides a systematic upskilling process from beginning to end.

This realization—as well as insights gathered from our own experience—inspired the creation of ProEdge.

The ProEdge difference: We believe true upskilling combines knowledge AND practical application, creating tailored learning pathways that relate to the specific roles of your workforce and the skills needed to stay relevant and be competitive in the future.

Driving company-wide progress

Our investment in upskilling paid off. In the first year alone, we saw improved operating margins, enabled top-line growth and were able to enhance the overall employee experience across the entire organization. Not just 50 employees. Not 500. But over 55,000 were able to be successfully upskilled.

A snapshot of success:


thousand+ employees upskilled


million+ hours automated


thousand+ staff-built digital assets

Our success is your success

Now, is your opportunity to build a future-ready workforce. ProEdge was designed to take the hard work out of the planning process for your company. It makes it easy for you to start your upskilling journey by giving you all the tools you need to succeed throughout the experience. We believe that when your employees are empowered to grow, so too is your business. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Start your transformation journey today.

The know-how to achieve more

Explore insights, information and innovations around upskilling—and see how ProEdge is leading the charge.

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