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The ProEdge ecosystem

By the ProEdge team | Published: August 27, 2021 | Read time: 4 minutes

Learning is ideal when it’s relevant and personalized. And when it comes to professional development, people want to learn skills that translate to the work they do every day—or even to prepare for an entirely new role. 

To make learning stick and be a catalyst for sustainable and scalable change, it needs to be user-focused while still addressing enterprise needs. It should meet people at the intersection of their role, function and skill level. One-size-fits-all isn’t going to cut it. 

So how do you personalize upskilling programs? How do you amass a library of content that meets everyone’s needs across an organization? This seems daunting, but the ProEdge platform has already done this work for you and your company. The content providers we’ve assembled are just one of the ways ProEdge can deliver relevant, scalable upskilling that’s immediately applicable. 

How ProEdge content powers personalized, adaptive learning 

Our learning specialists have done the research to determine what kind of content can best support business upskilling. We’ve categorized the content fields of study, topics and digital skills we’ve identified as critical for corporate performance and growth in over 20 function areas such as finance, sales, IT, manufacturing and marketing. 

We’ve identified what skills people in each of these functions will need for success today and in the future.

Trending skill areas needed in the labor market

Digital skills are in demand for:  

  • Agile methodologies and management      

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Automation and robotics 

  • Cloud computing 

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data science and analytics 

  • Design thinking and user experience  

  • Digital transformation technologies (e.g., blockchain, virtual reality)

  • IT

  • Software development

People skills are in demand for: 

  • Communication and language      

  • Creativity      

  • Critical thinking      

  • Customer service

  • Interpersonal relationship building       

  • Leadership and teamwork

Our learning specialists have built skill profiles for over 600 of the most critical roles in high impact functions and identified over 21,000 unique skills. We’ve coordinated with industry-leading providers whose content helps develop these skills across specific functions and industries. ProEdge pulls from more than 17,000 learning assets to curate personalized learning pathways for its platform users. These assets include individual articles, videos and podcasts as well as full-length courses that can lead to credentials

The building blocks of personalized learning 

  • 250M+ job record data points

  • 600+ role-based skill profiles

  • 30K+ identified skills for success

  • 17K+ learning assets

Industry-leading content providers 

Our content providers run the gamut from traditional academic organizations to industry subject matter specialists. Coursework and learning assets cover everything from IT-heavy topics and skills to deep dives on design thinking and agile methodology. This winning combination of diverse content and respected authors provides well-rounded perspectives. 

ProEdge enables access to more than 17,000 assets from over 30 industry-leading content providers, including:

  • 3Blue1Brown

  • Badass Agile

  • CIO

  • Computerworld

  • CSO

  • Futurism

  • GetAbstract

  • Global Web Index

  • IDG

  • Inc.

  • Macworld

  • MIT Technology Review

  • Network World

  • PCWorld

  • Quartz

  • Singularity University

  • strategy + business

  • TechHive

  • The Economist

ProEdge content also includes more than 2,500 course titles from leading providers, including Coursera, Academy to Innovate HR and Immersive Labs. 

High standards for quality: Carefully selecting our providers  

In addition to PwC’s own library of research, thought leadership and content around digital and emerging technologies, we’ve carefully chosen courseware and learning assets from providers that meet our standards for diversity, inclusion and accessibility. This means content is generated with an eye toward inclusive authorship and takes into account a broad range of perspectives. 

Additionally, our learning specialists have determined that content in our ecosystem is: 

  • Aligned with the digital skills we’ve identified as critical to success across high-impact  functional areas

  • Made up of a broad mix of types and styles to suit different learning preferences, such as articles, videos, podcasts and infographics, as well as short- and long-form courseware

  • Continually updated to include current and relevant information on emerging technologies and trends

  • Inclusive of diverse newsworthy educational content from subject matter specialists in areas identified as critical to corporate growth

ProEdge will continue to evolve and expand our learning ecosystem with a focus on emerging topics and technologies that impact corporate growth across industries. We’re committed to curating learning assets that connect individual and business goals and include future-focused content to help everyone stay relevant and gain competitive advantage.

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