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The upskilling platform that’s helping solve the skills gap crisis

By the ProEdge team | Published: September 23, 2021 | Read time: 3 minutes

Top analysts spotlight how ProEdge provides learning experiences aligned with business goals

When PwC asked CEOs about their top priorities, a skilled, educated and adaptable workforce topped their list. Workers with the tech chops to wrangle data, automate tedious processes and run a team using agile methodologies are in high demand. And while equipping people with those skills will be good for business, it’s also good for individual careers. 

Despite the need for upskilling, there’s still a wide gap between the demands of the digital economy and the skills workers currently have. There’s an urgency to close these gaps from within an organization and use skill-building opportunities as a perk for attracting job seekers in today’s search for top talent. A stellar upskilling program may be the new 401(k). 

Helping you develop those upskilling programs is where we come in.

What does effective upskilling look like?

PwC collaborated with IDC researchers who specialize in corporate learning and human resources to bring you  valuable digital upskilling insights based on our own digital transformation journey. It was this journey that inspired the creation of ProEdge—a platform we built to help others roll out customizable learning enterprise-wide. 

According to IDC’s specialists, effective upskilling should involve, “a skills-based approach us[ing] algorithms to enable a personalized, relevant experience for leaders, administrators, and learners.” It should also include, “mapping that enables robust, individualized learning pathways that empower employees to learn the skills that can elevate an organization’s digital acumen.” Additionally, upskilling programs should provide access to function-specific courseware and, “opportunities to increase their skills and earn credentials.” 

PwC’s ProEdge meets these criteria and more.

Download the IDC Analyst Connection on The Business Value of Workforce Upskilling.

Brandon Hall and IDC weigh in on ProEdge 

Analyst firms Brandon Hall and IDC recently published reports evaluating ProEdge’s capacity to identify critical skill gaps and automatically generate dynamic, personalized learning experiences that align with business goals. 

IDC touted ProEdge as, “a dynamic approach to closing the skills gap [that] takes a data-driven approach to upskilling for an entire organization.” The platform helps companies meet, “an immediate need for an end-to-end digital upskilling solution to assess existing skills and to identify the skills needed for roles in both the near term and the future.”

Download the IDC Spotlight on ProEdge.

Brandon Hall showcased how ProEdge can help scale the benefits of upskilling. The platform, it says, “was developed to capture the lessons learned by PwC through its journey and deliver it in a streamlined, cutting-edge product.”

Read the Brandon Hall profile.

Explore these analysts’ reports to learn more about aligning skills development with business goals and how ProEdge fosters a continuous learning culture.

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