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Features to power the workforce of the future

From identifying critical skill gaps in your business to helping you build your workforce of the future, ProEdge delivers a one‑of‑a‑kind upskilling experience.

The complete upskilling platform

Experience the transformative power of personalized learning plans that can adapt to your priorities and scale across your organization. The Plan, Learn, Create and Share features within ProEdge work together, each enabling your people to develop the skills needed to help promote growth and advance your business goals.

Industry data that drives new insights

Pinpoint the skills that can put your business ahead of the competition.

A thoughtful, targeted approach

Inspire your workforce with targeted learning pathways and relevant, function-specific content.

Adaptive, scalable learning that sticks

Learning plans change as your needs evolve and skills are developed.

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Start with a data-driven skills assessment

Powered by industry insights about emerging skills and your unique organizational data, ProEdge exposes capability gaps by function and individual so you can quickly start upskilling with a targeted, yet adaptable path forward.

Target skill gaps with personalized learning pathways

Empower your people to do more in their current role while preparing them for the next step. Personalized learning pathways feature curated content, coursework and projects infused with engaging social interactions to keep them coming back for more.

See the value of hands-on learning

Access to tools and a project-based practice environment let your people learn in ways that prepare them for real-world scenarios. And to make sure they’re supported and on track, we offer virtual instructor feedback and mark milestones along the way.

Experience upskilling at scale

Share allows your entire organization to access employee-generated innovations. From submitting ideas for needed solutions to building assets that can save time and money, your people’s new skills and knowledge can quickly spread throughout your workforce.

The know-how to achieve more

Explore insights, information and innovations around upskilling—and see how ProEdge is leading the charge.