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Help your people grow their skills

Identify skill gaps and close them faster. ProEdge delivers hands-on learning experiences that empower people to build solutions for real business challenges.

The transformative upskilling platform

Get personalized and adaptive learning for your employees, tailored to the ways adults learn best. ProEdge delivers curated content and hands-on experiences that equip your people with applicable skills they can apply immediately to solve real business challenges and develop solutions that drive results for your business.

Customize the digital learning journey

Deliver tailored learning pathways aligned to people’s jobs, roles and existing skill levels.

Get results with hands-on experiences

Enrich the upskilling journey with function-specific, real-world scenario-based learning that keeps people engaged.

Grow your people's skills and scale upskilling benefits

Give employees the know-how to become innovators who inspire their teams.

Accelerate learning across the organization

Quickly identify the key capabilities required for each role to deliver adaptive learning experiences that are customized for individuals and teams.

Adapt each upskilling journey to get results

Meet learners where they are with a seamless onboarding process and an intuitive interface for a continuous learning experience.​ Give employees immersive learning opportunities where they can apply acquired knowledge in real-world scenarios to develop practical skills that deliver tangible value for your business.

The know-how to achieve more

Explore insights, information and innovations around upskilling—and see how ProEdge is leading the charge.

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