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Upskilling that puts your people ahead—and sets them apart

Give your workforce actionable and engaging steps to enhance their digital skills, reshape their roles and move your organization closer to its goals.

An upskilling experience unlike any other

Learn helps you close skill gaps with highly personalized learning paths that guide your people through their upskilling journey. This first-of-its-kind experience thoughtfully curates leading content and courseware, while giving your people the opportunity to earn valuable credentials.

Learning pathways suited to individual needs

Give your people a more efficient and enjoyable learning experience. Individual upskilling plans are personalized to their current skills and give them a clear understanding of where they need to go next.

New ways to engage your workforce

This seamless, user-friendly approach to upskilling includes:

  • Social interactions to motivate and encourage participation

  • Highly personalized content tailored to the learner’s level of expertise in their journey to skill mastery

  • Milestones to outline progress every step of the way

Over 100,000 thoughtfully curated learning assets

Enable skill development with a rich collection of content targeted to individual skill development and learner preferences. In addition to sources like Forbes and The Economist, you’ll have access to exclusive PwC content from experienced professionals.

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Right-sized learning

Giving your people options when it comes to how—and where—they consume content enables them to learn in ways that are most effective for them. Learners can explore a variety of content formats, topics and experiences that are easily accessed by mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Relevant courseware for efficient upskilling

A robust library of over 500 courses from leading providers puts individual learner needs first. These skill-building programs tap into the psychology of learning and human behavior to reinforce progression and prompt further skill development.

Valuable ProEdge credentials and instruction

Give your workforce the opportunity to add value to their careers by earning industry-recognized ProEdge Credentials. Your people will receive feedback and support from highly respected PwC instructors along the way.

Implement new skills immediately

Learners earn ProEdge Credentials by completing capstone projects. This curated, function-specific coursework was created by PwC to reflect real-world scenarios so your people can quickly make an impact with their new skills. Functional areas for credentialing include:

  • Finance

  • IT

  • HR

  • Supply Chain

  • Procurement

  • Sales

  • Marketing

A social experience

Engaging social features help your teams thrive through collaboration and a little friendly competition.

  • Groups allow people learning the same skills to connect and collaborate

  • Leaderboards give visibility into progress among coworkers

  • Badges, points and milestones incentivize employees to keep going

  • Shared interactions reinforce learning and keep people coming back for more

The end-to-end upskilling experience

Keeping ahead of the curve is an ever-evolving task. From workforce planning to skill proficiency, ProEdge covers it all with four key features.


Automatically pinpoint skill gaps and see where your organization stands.


Access personalized learning pathways focused on closing skill gaps.


Give your people a hands-on digital upskilling sandbox.


Experience innovation shared throughout your organization.

Take the first step on a new path toward transforming both your organization and the learning experience of your employees. 

The know-how to achieve more

Explore insights, information and innovations around upskilling—and see how ProEdge is leading the charge.