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Upskilling plans that work. For your business and your people.

Get unprecedented visibility into where your organization needs to upskill through a powerful mix of data about your workforce and emerging industry skills.

Your organization’s path to tomorrow

Plan starts with a unique AI-enabled skills assessment that focuses on where upskilling is needed within your organization now, and in the future. Then personalized learning pathways are automatically created to help close those skill gaps with clear and engaging steps tailored to individual learner needs.

Identify critical skill gaps

Plan utilizes over 250 million industry-specific data points to help you identify critical digital skill gaps within your organization to understand what level of talent is needed today—and tomorrow.

Forecast for emerging and declining skills

Get an accurate depiction of trending skills in your industry and region based on AI insights and data from a variety of trusted sources, including:

  • O.NET

  • US labor market data

  • 200M resumes across 90k+ job sites 

  • 3rd-party providers 

  • PwC proprietary content

Take action with personalized learning pathways

Plan benchmarks the skills of your entire workforce against industry standards. Then it provides you with a uniquely personalized learning pathway for each individual’s specific upskilling needs.

Target the exact skills needed

Plan gives you a clear understanding of which individuals need upskilling, in what areas. Personalized learning plans are also tailored toward four levels of skill development:

  • Future skills considered necessary in the next 3-5 years

  • Differentiating skills utilized by high performers

  • Defining skills needed to be successful in a current role

  • Necessary skills that are foundational to progress

Prioritize which skills are the most critical to your business and if those change, ProEdge will adjust the learning pathways accordingly.

Learn how to close skill gaps faster.

Track the impact to accelerate results

Real-time analytics let you manage progress in your workforce so you instantly know where, when and how to pick up the pace of your transformation journey.

Access insights anytime

Get details to help guide your decisions now and moving forward.

  • Review talent performance in real time 

  • Identify the right time to start more ambitious upskilling initiatives

  • Monitor individual and department-wide progress over time

The end-to-end upskilling experience

Keeping ahead of the curve is an ever-evolving task. From workforce planning to skill proficiency, ProEdge covers it all with four key features.


Automatically pinpoint skill gaps and see where your organization stands.


Access personalized learning pathways focused on closing skill gaps.


Give your people a hands-on digital upskilling sandbox.


Experience innovation shared throughout your organization.

Take the first step on a new path toward transforming both your organization and the learning experience of your employees.

The know-how to achieve more

Explore insights, information and innovations around upskilling—and see how ProEdge is leading the charge.