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A detailed checklist for selecting the right upskilling platform

Upskilling programs are not one-size-fits-all. You should choose a platform that’s holistic, scalable, customizable and can adapt to your organization’s needs over time.

The right upskilling platform should also align your business’s growth objectives with the goals of workers across every skill, function and role.

The most effective upskilling platforms should:

  1. Align learning so that skills acquisition supports both business and individual goals.

  2. Identify skills gaps in your company, and compare them with industry peers.

  3. Formulate customized learning pathways to close skill gaps and integrate with current learning management (LMS) and human resource management systems (HRMS). 

  4. Offer scenario-based opportunities to practice and apply skills, so workers can earn function-specific credentials through experiential learning.

  5. Provide a platform for sharing and finding digital solutions that solve business problems and support scale across teams to deliver ROI.

These six key features and capabilities can help you get started quickly, scale on your own timeline and advance your company’s journey toward digital transformation. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

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1. Align learning so skills acquisition supports both business and individual goals

When learning programs operate in a silo, it’s a missed opportunity to align individual and personal goals with the business’s growth objectives.

Upskilling should allow people to build on their existing strengths, future skills needs and their role and function within the company.

To align individual learning with organizational goals, look for a platform that:

  • Automatically generates learning pathways relevant to an employee’s role and function.

  • Can be tailored to each individual’s current skill set and upskilling needs.

  • Adapts as your company engages with the platform and makes progress on digital transformation.

  • Has easy-to-use reporting and dashboarding features that show progress by individual and function, and for the entire organization.

  • Offers exceptional curated content and courseware that’s interesting, topical and authoritative. 

  • Demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) through authorship and perspectives from people with a wide range of life experiences.

  • Includes accessible formats for learners with hearing, visual and other impairments.

  • Complements on-the-go lifestyles and consumption preferences through a broad mix of formats such as articles, videos, podcasts and infographics.

  • Offers short- and long-form learning experiences to match individual preferences.

  • Updates regularly to include relevant information on emerging technologies and trends.

2. Identify skills gaps in your company, and compare them with industry peers

Choose a platform that pulls data from numerous internal and external sources, and then uses it to conduct workforce skills gap analyses and future skills diagnostics.

Leadership teams and human capital administrators can use those findings to develop robust, forward-looking plans that take into account the needs of individuals, teams, functions and the organization as a whole.

The upskilling platform you choose should be able to: 

  • Access internal employee skills data.

  • Access labor and market data on roles in your industry.

  • Incorporate data from human capital management (HCM) systems and learning management systems (LMS)

  • Leverage internal and external data to run gap analyses and compare your workforce’s skills against industry trends.

  • Provide easy-to-use dashboard views, and show progress as gaps are closed.

3. Formulate customized learning pathways to close skills gaps

Consider a solution that creates workforce profiles and customized learning pathways for across all roles, skill levels and functions.

The upskilling solution should:

  • Let employees update their own skills profile.

  • Provide experiential learning in modes that adhere to the most up to date research in adult learning 

  • Automatically generate personalized learning pathways for each individual to help close their skills gaps based on where they sit within your organization.

  • Integrate with your current LMS and HRMS

4. Offer opportunities to practice skills and earn function-specific credentials 

An effective upskilling platform should include opportunities to practice new skills in a scenario-based environment. This helps people gain confidence and prepare to apply those skills directly to their jobs. It should have:

  • Real-world scenarios specific to their job function.

  • Project-based experiential learning evaluated by a subject matter specialist.

  • Feedback on areas where they are not yet proficient.  

  • Opportunities to earn credentials that apply to the business. 

ProEdge is a holistic upskilling platform that offers credentials in over 20 functional areas critical for corporate growth and performance.

5. Provide opportunities to share digital solutions and deliver ROI

ProEdge takes a bottom-up approach that empowers individuals to enhance adoption and engagement. Pick an upskilling platform that:

  • Allows employees to share their digital tools with colleagues across the organization via a managed automation marketplace. That way, the entire company can benefit from scale and innovation to achieve greater ROI.

  • Encourages people to collaborate to develop new tools.

  • Supports innovation and iteration of existing digital assets.

6. Scalable, repeatable and adaptive

As you evaluate upskilling programs, consider the holistic capabilities of each platform.

ProEdge can identify skill gaps—create custom learning pathways to close them—and align individual and corporate goals. It offers scenario-based projects for practical skills application as well as function-specific credentials. Our team of specialists have designed and curated learning experiences according to current adult learning leading practices. And it’s customizable. The platform and its content offerings can be tailored to your organization’s needs. ProEdge can also integrate with LMS and other enterprise technologies.

Invest in an upskilling solution that’s designed to be scalable, repeatable and adaptive across the organization and meets employees at the intersection of skill, role and function.

Invest in Tomorrow

Stay ahead of the curve with PwC ProEdge, the revolutionary way to upskill your people and prepare your organization for tomorrow. This unique platform allows you to pinpoint critical skill gaps and effectively help close them with automatically generated personalized learning pathways. Leading curated content, coursework and hands-on learning empower your workforce to make an immediate impact through citizen-led innovation. Access to digital tools enables solution-building that scales across teams. This is how ProEdge helps your people to perform at their highest level—giving them the power to help transform your entire organization.

Take the first step on a new path toward transforming both your organization and the learning experience of your employees.

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