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IDC Spotlight: The Advantages of Managed Automation Marketplaces

Successful automation strategies can help make our work lives easier by reducing errors, cutting costs and helping us be more efficient and productive. And all the time we spend by having automations do repetitive tasks can be redirected toward value-add activities that foster innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit within an organization.

So how can businesses promote the adoption of automation technologies? By balancing access with governance and control through a decentralized managed automation marketplace. PwC’s ProEdge Share is just this kind of “marketplace” — serving as a toolkit employees can browse for ready-to-deploy solutions. 

Analyst firm IDC profiled PwC’s ProEdge Share in their recent Technology Spotlight, The Advantages of Managed Automation Marketplaces. Read the full report to learn how:

  • The automation tools available in ProEdge Share were instrumental in driving PwC's digital transformation.

  • ProEdge Share includes 700+ “out-of-the-box” automations such as robotic process automation (RPA) bots, artificial intelligence (AI) models and workflows.

  • ProEdge Share’s assets are kept up to date according to industry regulations, evolve to meet changing needs and can help save thousands of hours in manual programming.

Giving employees direct access to digital tools can scale the benefits of automation across the enterprise. ProEdge Share can make everyday work easier while connecting individual goals to overall business objectives.

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