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Strategic CFO360 and PwC ProEdge Report: Upskilling and the finance function

A critical step in building and maintaining a high-functioning finance team

Amid The Great Resignation, one of the most important steps CFOs can take to strengthen their finance function is to foster company stickiness for their current team. Upskilling can play a huge role here. More than a third of job-seekers are willing to take a pay cut for learning opportunities. A solid upskilling program can entice financial practitioners’ to stay with your company—and add value. 

At the StrategicCFO360 CFO roundtable on upskilling last June, PwC Partner and Head of Product for ProEdge, Daghan Or, spoke to the urgency of developing the right talent in a tight job market.

“CFOs are looking for different ways to close the skills gap. Automation alone can’t transform and modernize finance. You need people with digital skills for that. The question I get all the time is: How?”

Read the full white paper for insights from the StrategicCFO360 CFO roundtable.

Upskilling and the finance function—A critical step in building and maintaining a high-functioning finance team explores how:

  • Leading upskilling practices incorporate both digital and soft skills to help finance employees influence decision-making

  • Incremental improvements and celebrating upskilling achievement can add up to big cultural change

  • Implementing a platform like ProEdge can ease the resource and rollout challenges of starting an upskilling program

Jumpstarting an upskilling journey can seem daunting, but platforms like ProEdge that offer experiential learning can help accelerate function-wide initiatives like digital transformation and talent retention.

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