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Aggregated digital learning and ProEdge Credentials

To help get employees excited about starting their digital learning journey, choose an upskilling platform that’s enabled by high-caliber content and provides opportunities to earn credentials. As 69% of CEOs agree that generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) will require more of their workforce to develop new skills in the next three years, choosing the right upskilling platform is often vital.  

ProEdge, a PwC product, offers personalized learning pathways for targeted digital skills training, including GenAI, that can give employees the tools and knowledge they should have so they can maintain a competitive edge and drive innovation. The credentials learners receive through the platform help align learning with companies’ business goals while also supporting career advancement. 

Employees can either choose their own learning pathways or follow specific paths created for them based on ProEdge’s analysis of the company’s current capabilities and skills gaps. 

ProEdge’s environment includes behavioral learner assessments and industry-leading content tailored to employees’ skill levels. Many modules offer bite-sized learning so people can learn on their own terms whenever they can fit it into their schedules. There are also features to make learning fun and engaging, including trivia games and social networks that connect learners.   

Learners can read, watch or listen to content according to their preferences, with options including infographics, videos, podcasts, short courseware and long-form articles. Content is typically compatible with laptop and desktop computers, as well as mobile devices for on-the-go learning.  

Milestones and dashboards can help measure and track both individual and organizational progress. Learners can get insights throughout the learning journey as they acquire knowledge and skills that they can quickly apply to their work.  

ProEdge learning courses are from an aggregated library of upskilling courses and content from industry leading sources. ProEdge offers targeted Gen AI learning aligned to user needs, with knowledge checks and badges for an effective completion. 

Customized, aggregated content 

We’ve carefully chosen courseware from industry-leading content providers that meet our standards for diversity, inclusion and accessibility. 

ProEdge curricula is authored by professionals with knowledge and experience in their field. Our content providers also execute fair, objective analyses and offer a wide range of inclusive perspectives.  

We’ve categorized and aggregated content fields of study, topics and digital skills we’ve identified as critical for corporate performance and growth in over 20 functional areas, such as finance, manufacturing, marketing and research and development. 

Respected credentials 

ProEdge courses culminate in capstone projects that require learners to complete tasks based on real-world business scenarios in specific functions. The project is then evaluated by a professional in that field. When a learner successfully completes a capstone project, they earn a credential that demonstrates their ability to put relevant new skills into practice. 

These function-specific activities also include real-time coaching and an evaluation of work so learners can improve their skills and refine their approach. If they don’t succeed the first time, they can revise and resubmit their projects. 

What does this look like for learners and their employers? Let’s consider employees in finance. An example of a function-specific capstone project in data analytics requires them to demonstrate their ability to acquire, cleanse and explore financial data. The employees use digital tools, including GenAI, to build a dashboard that conveys trends and insights to better inform decision-making across business units. Their Decisions with Data Insights in Finance credential from ProEdge can help them add value to the business immediately.  

Learners can seek ProEdge Credentials in over 20 functional areas, including: 

  • Actuary/Risk management 

  • C-Suite 

  • Customer Success 

  • Finance 

  • Front Line 

  • HR & Learning 

  • IT/CIO  

  • Legal 

  • Maintenance 

  • Marketing 

  • New Products & Commercialization 

  • Project Management Office 

  • Research & Development 

  • Sales 

  • Service Delivery 

  • Supply Chain & Procurement  

HR and LMS integrations 

ProEdge is an end-to-end upskilling platform that can integrate with learning management systems (LMS) to help enhance existing training plans. 

During the initial plan phase, ProEdge can be enhanced for an organization’s specific needs, as well as individuals’ specific skill gaps or skill mismatches. 

Once employee data is incorporated into ProEdge, the platform can synthesize recommendations and create a dashboard that benchmarks your organization’s workforce skills against industry standards and develops organized learning pathways tailored to the business’s needs. 

ProEdge Plan maps out how many individuals need to be upskilled and in what areas. It also can show which employees need foundational skills development and which are ready for intermediate or advanced training. Then it creates and assigns customized learning pathways for each of them.  

The advent of artificial intelligence now making in-roads into global business operations dictates that workforces upskill on these tools with some urgency. 

ProEdge works in conjunction with major HR, GenAI and learning systems.

Reimagine how work gets done 

Giving your workforce an engaging and interactive way to learn new digital skills can encourage a culture of continuous education, reshape roles across the organization and move the company closer to achieving its goals. The opportunities are endless when it comes to business process reinvention with GenAI. The sooner the workforce begins to rethink how workflows and tasks can be re-engineered for improvement, the faster the organization can truly benefit from widescale change. 

These learning approaches include highly personalized learning pathways, aggregated premium content from respected providers and on-the-go mobile compatibility for busy lifestyles. And gamified quizzes, podcasts and infographics support each person’s learning preferences and encourage employees to come back for more training. 

HR and other senior leaders can track each person’s progress toward skill mastery and see the skill gaps shrink through the dashboarding tool. In addition, capstone projects and ProEdge credentials affirm that employees absorbed the knowledge and are ready to begin using their new skills right away. 

Invest in Tomorrow 

Accelerate your employees’ learning and help drive scalable impact for your business with ProEdge, a PwC product — an intuitive, AI-powered learning platform that leverages hands-on experience and aggregated content to prepare your learners for real business challenges. 

Take the first step on a new path toward transforming both your organization and the learning experience of your employees.

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