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What’s Next: CEOs on how talent drives transformation

The skills gap between the skills employees have, and those needed to continue to drive business growth, is widening. Closing those gaps from within an organization is imperative to doing business. Access to learning opportunities and digital technologies, like automation, that can advance careers and drive enterprise efficients, are key to future success. 

And so is finding the right balance between technology and human ingenuity. 

At Business Insider’s “What’s Next” CEO roundtable, Annette Richardson and Suneet Dua discussed this balance and how mentorship, training and inclusive design define future workforces, and how sustainability leads to double profit–for business and society. 

Watch their Business Insider roundtable session to: 

  • Understand the importance of preparing the workforce for highly skilled roles of the future 

  • Cultivate a digital mindset that starts at the top and encourages upskilling

  • Learn how to get started with your upskilling program using an incremental approach 

Annette Richardson works with global leaders, as well as the United Nations, to address sustainability in the context of social trends and making scalable investments to protect future generations. That includes addressing the widening skills gap that has created societal and economic disparity over the past few decades. Suneet Dua, Products & Technology Chief Revenue and Growth Officer, for PwC US, focuses on driving innovation, delivering world-class, forward-thinking products and digitally upskilling the workforce and society at large.

Take the first step on a new path toward transforming both your organization and the learning experience of your employees.

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