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GenAI Upskilling

Organizations need to be ready to embrace GenAI opportunities and manage associated risks.

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Generative AI is set to transform what businesses do and how they operate

Why invest in GenAI now?​

Generative AI is often outperforming people at an accelerating pace:​

  • Generative AI platforms boost worker productivity by 14% 1

  • ChatGPT has the largest, fastest ​user base of any technology in history 2

1 National Bureau of Economic Research, Generative AI at Work​ 2 Reuters - ChatGPT sets record for fastest-growing user base

Is your organization ready?

To realize the benefits of GenAI, your organization should be ready to embrace the opportunities and manage risks.

Culture: Are your people and leaders prepared to collaborate with AI-driven processes and initiatives?​

Talent: Does your team have the technical knowledge required to develop and leverage differentiating solutions, including data scientists, software engineers, machine learning specialists and prompt engineers?​

Governance: Are you equipped to leverage AI solutions responsibly without exposing your organization to risk?​

Strategy: Do your leaders have the knowledge needed to strategically align on AI and develop a long-term roadmap toward proprietary AI solutions?​

ProEdge helps your business harness the power of generative AI​​

PwC is upskilling our own 75k people with AI tools and capabilities to redefine how work is done.  We've found that a strong GenAI training curriculum features:​​

One source for your Gen AI upskilling needs​

ProEdge pulls content from a network of leading providers, including PwC’s own content, providing one source to address the breadth and depth of generative AI upskilling​.

Immediate access to curated, persona-aligned resources

ProEdge comes pre-loaded with generative AI learning paths aligned to your learners’ needs — including knowledge checks and digital badges to reward skill acquisition​​.

Content that evolves with the technology

​ProEdge content is continuously updated and refreshed to keep pace with advances in generative AI technology and use cases, helping your people stay on top of leading trends.

ProEdge offers real-world persona-based learning, customized for your needs​


Determine how generative AI is integrated into your organization ​


Identify opportunities to transform what your business does and how it operates ​


Create and manage policies for generative AI ​


Develop the tools, technology and program structure to engineer your strategies​


Promote adoption of the tool throughout your organization ​

End users

Leverage generative AI technologies to help enhance the work

See how ProEdge can help your company realize the benefits of GenAI

Request a demo today so you can see the power of personalized learning pathways in action and how ProEdge can help your business harness the power of generative AI.

Adaptive Learning Experiences

Meeting learners where they are with a seamless onboarding process and an intuitive interface

AI-powered Targeted Pathways

ProEdge uses AI to create targeted learning paths for teams with the content they need, when they need it

Continuous Learning for Lasting Impact

ProEdge can fuel employees’ continuous growth, equipping them with the latest skills and trends they need

Real-World, Hands-On Experiences

ProEdge provides employees with immersive learning opportunities where they can apply acquired skills in real-world scenarios

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