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Getting started on your digital transformation journey

Digital transformation isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, but it generally involves integrating technology into your operations and how you work and deliver products and services to your customers. 

However, investment in technology alone isn’t enough if your teams don’t have the skills they need to get the most value from your new digital tools. 

Successful digital transformation involves:

  • Crafting an overall strategy that challenges the status quo and determines the digital transformation skills needed in your organization

  • Ramping up adoption of new digital tools and function-specific training across your organization

  • Getting ROI on your upskilling dollars  

Develop a digital transformation skills strategy

Adaptability is key to maintaining and gaining a competitive advantage. And it’s a trait that should permeate your organization, from workforce skills to operational capabilities to overall corporate culture. Being open to change and learning on the fly can help you develop the digital mindset you need to formulate your transformation strategy and execute on that vision. 

Step one should be an organizational skills gap and digital capabilities analysis. You can do this in-house, enlist the help of professionals or invest in a holistic workforce planning and upskilling solution that can do the data gathering and analysis for you. 

Once you have a baseline, you can prioritize the skills you should develop and which technology investments to make. Then you can design a roadmap that outlines your actions for building a culture of continuous learning and, ultimately, repositions your company in the digital economy. 

The right tools and digital skills for digital transformation 

Delivering on a digital transformation strategy is a tremendous undertaking. At PwC, we know this because we’ve done it. Upskilling to build the digital skills we needed to transform was a key part of our success. 

We asked for volunteers to be the first in the firm to learn new tools and then embed themselves in teams to disrupt and enhance our ways of working at scale. And it paid off. Our people developed the skills they needed to both identify and prioritize job functions for automation, and create assets that automated over seven million hours of work.

When people are empowered to look for solutions that make their everyday tasks easier, they'll be motivated to streamline processes and automate tedious, repetitive tasks so they can spend more time doing creative work and finding ways to innovate. This is the kind of change that’s sustainable because it arises from relevant, function-specific training and application

Digital transformation in training and development combined with the right tools can equip your upskilling workforce to drive efficiencies you didn’t even know were possible.

Investing in digital transformation and skills training pays off 

About 66% of employers expect to get ROI for upskilling and reskilling within one year. And 93% of CEOS who introduce upskilling programs see increased productivity, improvement in talent acquisition and retention and a more resilient workforce.

You need to do what makes sense for your organization. How you define success is determined by your starting point and business goals. If you go all-in on digital transformation it can have big payoffs––92% of companies who become digital leaders have impressive success metrics, such as:

  • 17% higher profit margin growth over three years

  • 84% increase in time spent innovating

  • Average digital tool adoption rate of 72%

Investigate your options and consider a solution right-sized for your digital transformation goals.

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Invest in tomorrow 

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