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From Agile to workflow automation: Why we need a glossary of digital upskilling terms for everyday workers and business leaders

By the ProEdge team | Updated: January 3, 2022 | Read time: 2 minutes

With digital upskilling here to stay, executives and employees need a basic grasp of digital concepts if they’re going to get ahead. No one wants to get lost in any upskilling conversations because they didn’t understand the lingo.

Digital skills defined: A glossary of technical terms for business upskilling can help create a baseline of digital literacy. This glossary will help build a foundational understanding that keeps you in the loop. You may have heard of “data visualization,” “blockchain” and “machine learning,” but that doesn’t mean you know what it is and how upskilling in that area could help make you better at your job.

Our glossary can help. This simple list of terms and definitions can improve your understanding of the most commonly used tools, methodologies, coding languages and concepts associated with business upskilling.

We break down technical definitions into non-technical language.  Even if you’re digitally savvy, the upskilling glossary is still worth exploring. Refreshers of the basics can be a necessity in an age where the ability to learn new skills and apply them is now one of the most important traits an employee can have. 

Crowdsourcing makes us better

We also invite you to help us expand. This list, and its definitions, isn’t comprehensive. The goal is to provide enough detail for the non-technical worker to understand these terms or concepts to begin considering applications within their specialty area. If you see gaps in one of our definitions, or you’ve heard a tech term you’d like to see us add to the list, please let us know. We’re open to suggestions to help us help you. Thank you!

Visit the upskilling glossary.

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