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Analyst report: The business value of workforce upskilling

An IDC Analyst Connection

The pandemic has accelerated the pace of change in the way work gets done and the need for new skills to use evolving technology to work more efficiently. Collaboration tools for remote work, and automation and artificial intelligence models that can perform manual tasks and process data quickly, are driving the need for personalized, in-depth training. And businesses are realizing it’s easier—and more cost effective—to build their own bench of talent than it is to build a team through hiring. These upskilling efforts should meet employees where they are in terms of role, industry and knowledge base. 

In the IDC Analyst Connection: The Business Value of Workforce Upskilling, PwC asked top research analysts specializing in talent, learning strategies and employee experience for their insights on:

  • Why digital upskilling is a top priority for today's companies

  • Challenges in closing skill gaps and starting upskilling programs

  • Which functions and roles upskilling impacts the most

  • The benefits and ROI of workforce upskilling

Basic learning management systems won’t make the cut in today’s business landscape. ProEdge is a cloud-based upskilling platform that can help meet the demands of organizations rethinking the skills they need in the future. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning enable customizable skill-based approaches to upskilling that can help employees boost their digital acumen.

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