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Upskilled and active: ProEdge Create and Share

Many employees devote significant time and energy to learning new digital skills, but then hesitate to put them into practice because they aren’t confident in their tech mastery.

What’s missing is a way to bring all the pieces of the upskilling puzzle together in a way that benefits both the individual and the enterprise. Businesses want people to learn skills that can promote growth, while employees want an approach that makes learning easy and applicable to their jobs –– and also prepares them for roles they may want to pursue in the future.

ProEdge’s Plan component helps organizations identify their skills gaps and deploy learning pathways to close them. The platform’s Learn component provides content that includes customized courses that connect users with ProEdge Create, which offers employees opportunities to earn function-specific credentials by successfully demonstrating their new skills.

The Create and Share components of ProEdge empower organizations to harness the benefits of new digital skills across departments so the entire enterprise can upskill at scale.

Create is a secure, cloud-based sandbox of tools that employees can use to practice skills and complete projects based on real-world, function-specific scenarios. And the ProEdge Credential they earn for successful completion of projects substantiates their newfound know-how.

ProEdge also encourages employees to share their learnings with others across the organization. The Share component acts as an internal social exchange that enables  employees to distribute the digital assets they create, so other colleagues across the company can use them to improve quality, accuracy and productivity.

Industry-leading tools

Create’s sandbox is populated with leading robotic process automation tools, such as UiPath’s RPA Platform, to drive operational efficiencies by automating mundane and repetitive tasks so employees can spend their time on more valuable activities.

A finance employee could use RPA to acquire, cleanse, organize and analyze data using a dashboard that reveals trends and insights that can inform decision-making — either on specific projects or across business units. An HR employee might use RPA to help screen applicants for a job posting as a way to help determine those that have relevant work experience.

We’ll also be expanding offerings to include data visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) modeling tools.

ProEdge Credentials

Employees use the Create sandbox space to practice their new skills and work on capstone projects assigned to them in courses from ProEdge’s Learn component. These scenario-based, function-specific capstone projects are reviewed by our subject matter specialists who can give real-time feedback and coaching. 

If necessary, employees can iterate, revise and resubmit their project. This approach gives people an opportunity to fail forward in a safe environment, learn from their mistakes, absorb the material more deeply and gain confidence when they succeed. Once the capstone project is successfully completed, learners earn a credential for those skills, and they can immediately put their training into practice on the job.

Building on our history of earning more than 40 awards for excellence in learning, we created ProEdge Credentials for 17 function areas, including finance, research and development, supply chain, manufacturing, maintenance and marketing.

We developed ProEdge Credentials with guidance from organizations such as The Lumina Foundation and its Connecting Credentials Framework, which establishes requirements and competencies tied to degrees, industry certifications, accreditations, licenses and apprenticeships.

Digital asset exchange

When upskilled employees build new, and improve existing, digital tools, they can distribute those assets through ProEdge’s Share component, an internal social exchange that scales the benefits of upskilling. Share comes with ready-made digital assets that can make an immediate impact on the business by deploying intelligent automations that drive efficiencies. Employees can also create their own tools that contribute to an expanding library of company assets that solve problems and improve the flow of everyday work. 

Share is hosted by your organization to provide privacy and security, and the digital assets your employees create become yours. ProEdge also offers curation and governance to help you provide quality control.

Share’s Idea Marketplace feature encourages crowdsourcing to gather ideas from every corner of the organization. Employees can even post requests for digital assets they need but can’t build themselves. With Share, they can connect with colleagues who have the know-how to solve their problems.  

By promoting collaboration across teams and cultivating a do-it-yourself culture, Share helps break down silos. Colleagues can work together to build new tools more quickly than they could get by waiting for help from an IT project team that might not have the bandwidth or budget to help them. 

For example, an employee in the supply chain group could partner with a colleague in finance to modify a revenue management robotic process automation (RPA) tool created in UiPath so it could be used to negotiate more favorable procurement pricing.  

Share helps companies develop a dynamic library of digital applications and resources that evolve over time to meet the changing needs of the business and its workforce. ProEdge helps employees throughout the enterprise break out of the “one and done” mindset and build a culture of continuous learning.

Invest in tomorrow 

Your company can reap the benefits of upskilling at scale. It can adopt an upskilling platform with a safe sandbox environment that enables learners to create and test new skills, earn credentials and then share their digital assets across the enterprise. ProEdge helps employees master new skills that they can confidently put into practice to gain efficiencies and make decisions based on better insights.

ProEdge allows you to pinpoint critical skill gaps and to effectively help close them with automatically generated personalized learning pathways. This innovative platform enables your people to perform at their highest level — empowering them to help transform your entire organization.

Take the first step on a new path toward transforming both your organization and the learning experience of your employees.

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