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Digital upskilling's impact on productivity, collaboration and growth

Upskilling, which is sometimes referred to as rightskilling or newskilling, is the process of teaching workers new skills that are applicable to their current roles, and delivering continuous education to help them advance on their current career path.

Companies are investing in upskilling because of positive, tangible impacts: a recent survey found that 93% of CEOs who introduce upskilling programs see increased productivity, improved talent acquisition and retention, and a more resilient workforce. 

Read on to learn about:

  • Positive impacts of upskilling on productivity

  • The automation example for upskilling impact

  • Digital skills, innovation, productivity and your skills gaps

The impact of upskilling on productivity

When you give your people the skills and tools they need to streamline everyday work, you free up time that can be spent on value-add activities like function-specific creative problem solving and collaboration. Carving out dedicated time for your people to learn how to apply new skills and technologies can help them innovate, save time and deliver better value to customers while advancing their own careers.

Adopting business automation technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—and upskilling your workforce to implement them—can empower your organization. How? By standardizing and automating repetitive tasks, reducing errors and improving productivity. You should give people what they need to solve the problems they’re closest to—and help their teammates do the same. It’s an initiative that aligns individual goals with organizational objectives. 

How does automation increase productivity in the workplace? 

Upskilling your staff in automation tech has the potential to deliver a quick return on investment on training dollars, boost productivity and drive efficiencies across roles and departments. Some function-specific scenarios include:

  • Finance personnel could automate portions of financial statement analyses or monthly reconciliations. 

  • Marketing staff could automate the pulling of lead data from multiple, disparate sources and then use AI to normalize and align that information according to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) standards.

  • HR staff could automate employee data tracking and review performance management processes across disparate systems and create a centralized repository.

Learning how to leverage automation in business, especially when it comes to mundane tasks, can change how work gets done—which, in turn, frees up personnel to focus on more strategic activities while reducing errors and time spent on time consuming tasks. 

Digital skills, innovation, productivity and your skills gaps

Automation is far from the only skill your employees should learn. Finance employees who learn to build data roadmaps and customized data visualizations can help streamline balance sheets and other finance processes. Using data to pinpoint underlying organizational needs can give HR professionals better information about the kinds of upskilling required to fill skill gaps. And IT’s data skills can make a bigger impact when combined with soft skills that promote creativity and innovation.

Data visualization, design thinking, agile project management, AI and data management are skills an entire organization benefits from. If employees understand data, automation and other future-forward skills, they can make a big impact—both within their departments and in the organization as a whole. Productivity improvements and increased speed to insights could provide the boost your company needs to help spur growth.

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